Easy to talk to...a kind and attentive listener

“Having recently been released by Dr. Raynor following a 9-month recovery from surgery for a fractured and comminuted patella and a torn patellar tendon, I’m extremely grateful for such a positive outcome under his care. But it’s also hard to say good-bye. He guided me through a challenging and sometimes grueling process. My complex surgery was not a simple one. It required exemplary skill and innovation. Dr. Raynor possesses both. He describes the surgery as being quite difficult for the patient but “a lot of fun to do”. He’s obviously passionate and creative in his work! Dr. Raynor is easy to talk to...a kind and attentive listener. Straightforward in offering options and opinions which proved to be key to my recovery, Dr. Raynor also subtly challenged me (at 66 years of age) to work hard. And I did. Words are inadequate, Dr. Raynor! Thank you and God bless you!”

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