I’m in Awe of Dr. Raynor’s Impressive Expertise and Creativity

As a retired and active 66-year-old, I went to Dr. Raynor with a communinuted patella and torn patellar tendon. Before the complex surgery, Dr. Raynor said that, until we were actually in surgery, he couldn’t be certain if plan A would be possible. He may be required to devise a plan B. Either way, he said it wouldn’t be an easy recovery. Such refreshing and motivating honesty! Well, the surgical plan B was necessary, and I’m in awe of Dr. Raynor’s impressive expertise and creativity...and obvious passion for his work! Since surgery, he has been positive and gently challenging, straightforward and realistic, open and kind, as he listens and offers options and guidance in each visit. Chrissy, Dr. Raynor’s wonderfully affirming, encouraging, and humorous RN, is invaluable and very available. My recovery, as promised, has been lengthy and challenging - hard work. But as the finish line is now in sight, I am forever grateful for exemplary care, giving me the best possible recovery. I will be able to resume working out, hiking, and interactively playing with my grandchildren...to name a few things. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Raynor and Chrissy!

Martha S.

Dr. Raynor is Simply The Best

“Dr. Raynor is simply the best! As an SMU student hundreds of miles from home, I wasn't sure where to go when I injured my knee playing volleyball. The issue was compounded by the fact that I had ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair in that same knee a few years prior. I was able to be seen by Dr. Raynor 3 days after the injury occurred. He listened to my questions and concerns and thoroughly examined my knee. He went through my X-ray with me, pointing out that my ACL graft looked healthy. After we got the MRI results back a few days later, he again walked me through all of the images and what he could see from it, all of which was very reassuring. While the injury ended up being minor, he recommended several physical therapists to see. I can't thank Dr. Raynor and his staff for being so comforting and really taking the time to get to know me and what orthopedic issues I was facing. I cannot recommend Dr. Raynor enough!”

  • MK

I am fortunate that my family was able to seek out the best, which led me to Dr. Raynor's office.

“I don't even have the words to properly credit Dr. Raynor and his wonderful staff to the extent it is deserved, but I will certainly try. Leading up to surgery, Dr. Raynor and Chrissy worked with me and my family to discuss the best avenue for surgery and recovery. Every single visit was on time and through the entirety of my meetings with Dr. Raynor I felt heard and considered; every question, no matter how trivial, was answered in depth. In scrubs, a white coat and cowboy boots, Raynor sat down and patiently listened to my ramblings on. He and Chrissy sat with me through my fear and anxiety about the procedure. On the day of surgery, I was cared for and respected by the staff…As far as technique, Dr. Raynor's work was done meticulously and I haven't had any problems with the surgery. He is clearly a talented and knowledgable surgeon and doctor. Each pain and oddity I felt in my knee was met with immediate understanding and solution. I want to especially thank Chrissy for her attention to detail and the caring and honest nature in which she handled my case. She was my rock throughout and I feel so grateful and lucky to have worked with her. I did not take my injury lightly and am fortunate that my family was able to seek out the best, which led me to Dr. Raynor's office. There is no doubt in my mind that if I ever have another injury that I will promptly call Dr. Raynor. It's still spectacular to me how well the surgery went and how involved Dr. Raynor and Chrissy CHOSE to be throughout the entire process. Again, thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to live an active lifestyle again. I am forever grateful and certainly keen to recommend anyone to Texas Orthopaedics."

Dr. Raynor Did An Exceptional Job

"... from diagnosing my hip problems, planning a course of treatment and finally carrying out a minimally invasive scope to repair my labral tear and the removal of the bursa sac. He was very thorough in his approach and explaining the entire course of action. The surgery was easy and the care was wonderful. I’ve had little pain after surgery and during rehab. My hip is feeling great at 8 weeks post surgery. I’m happy I found Dr Raynor and he was able to repair my hip. He has a very extensive post surgery protocol, and it really works. His office staff is nice & helpful and I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for him, even though it’s a very busy office!"

- MS

We are so thrilled with my daughter's outcome and very grateful to Dr. Raynor and his team.

"Today was my college age daughter's 6 month follow up appt with Dr. Raynor and we couldn't be more pleased with the results and her progress. She had a complex knee surgery, MPFL reconstruction and tibial tubercle osteotomy, over Christmas break. We highly researched this difficult surgery, and finally found Dr. Raynor, after seeking second opinions, and talking with another well known knee specialist who praised Dr. Raynor's technique and abilities. From the initial evaluation, through surgery without any complications (Texas Institute for Surgery was top notch, great staff from nurses to PTs) to all the follow ups, Dr. Raynor has spent so much time educating and answering our questions, very thorough, good rapport with my daughter, and great bedside manner. Also, efficient, caring Chrissy Townsley, RN, who works with Dr. Raynor, has been a huge help overseeing the details, and so encouraging every step of the way. We are so thrilled with my daughter's outcome and very grateful to Dr. Raynor and his team."

- EY

My Experience Having Hip Arthroscopy with Dr. Raynor

Sarah Vaugh Website Photo.jpeg

"I suffered an injury in the gym and was in severe pain for over a year. I saw my family Doctor and he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. That surgeon did not perform the surgery that I needed, so he sent me to Dr. Raynor.  Dr. Raynor's staff scheduled me for an appointment very quickly. Dr. Raynor explained everything in detail. He sent me for additional testing, which resulted in confirmation that my labrum was indeed torn and needed repair. Dr.Raynor performed the procedure and kept me in the hospital over night. My surgery was successful, and I had very little pain. He checked on me after I went home. Chrissy his nurse was wonderful through the entire process. He answered every question and took his time with me at every follow up appointment. I have recommended him to every person I know."

- SV

I Am Forever Grateful to Him For Restoring My Health

"He has an outstanding bedside manner! He is an excellent surgeon. He took time with me on every visit. He explained everything and answered all of my questions from the first day I saw him to my last visit on Wednesday. I am forever grateful to him for restoring my health. His RN Chrissy his right hand at the clinic was without a doubt the most geniune person I have ever met. She treated me like her own family and helped me through the entire process. I had direct access to her without going through a dozen people. Dr.Raynor and Chrissy called to check on me after I was discharged from the hospital following my surgery. The entire staff was very friendly and easy to work with from billing to getting my insurance to approve my surgery. I highly recomment him!!"

- SV

An Odem and a very merry , happy holiday greeting

"...to the BEST, most thoughtful, extremely nice, Surgeon in the World.
DR BRETT RAYNOR, is a Genius in his field. He had a fellowship in Vail,, Co. , with the Steadman Clinic.  Now, part of the Texas Orthopaedic Associates in Dallas. Was recommended to me by Dr Hackett.  I was in pain for 9 months, could not sleep, tried rehab, but rotator cuff and biceps were too much torn, from all my sport activities. Had Surgery, Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair, with Biceps Tenodesis.  Now almost 6 wks later, with great help from a most wonderful Physical therapist, could throw away my pillow/sling, able to drive and have almost all my motion back. Took pain medication for 8 days only, after surgery and used my ice machine. Ready to dance at the Xmas PARTY.

"Dr. Raynor is the most wonderful doctor, he took the best care of me but treats you like a person and doesn't have the GOD complex that many doctors have. He takes the time to talk to you and is just a nice man. I would use him for anything and recommend him to everyone for the great job he has done for me."

- WR

"It is hard to put into words how much Dr. Brett Raynor and his nurse, Chrissy Townsley , have meant to us. After our daughter's very traumatic knee injury on August 10, we were blessed to find Dr. Raynor. He brought an amazing degree of professional expertise to her complex issues, educated us every step of the way, brought a very calming presence, and quickly established a high level of trust and rapport with our daughter. Dr. Raynor relates so well to patients; and his passion and skill in his practice make him the ideal choice for a surgeon. Also, Chrissy Townsley is outstanding! Her compassion, humor, patience, love and encouragement kept us going and kept us strong along the way. Thank you for providing us with outstanding care and service!!!"

- Melissa P.

"Thank you so much to Dr. Raynor, Nurse Chrissy, and staff for giving me my daughter's smile back.  Thank you to Dr. Raynor for your patience and caring heart in such a hard time not once but twice.  God blessed us with you.  Can't thank you enough."

- M Family