I’m in Awe of Dr. Raynor’s Impressive Expertise and Creativity

As a retired and active 66-year-old, I went to Dr. Raynor with a communinuted patella and torn patellar tendon. Before the complex surgery, Dr. Raynor said that, until we were actually in surgery, he couldn’t be certain if plan A would be possible. He may be required to devise a plan B. Either way, he said it wouldn’t be an easy recovery. Such refreshing and motivating honesty! Well, the surgical plan B was necessary, and I’m in awe of Dr. Raynor’s impressive expertise and creativity...and obvious passion for his work! Since surgery, he has been positive and gently challenging, straightforward and realistic, open and kind, as he listens and offers options and guidance in each visit. Chrissy, Dr. Raynor’s wonderfully affirming, encouraging, and humorous RN, is invaluable and very available. My recovery, as promised, has been lengthy and challenging - hard work. But as the finish line is now in sight, I am forever grateful for exemplary care, giving me the best possible recovery. I will be able to resume working out, hiking, and interactively playing with my grandchildren...to name a few things. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Raynor and Chrissy!

Martha S.