Dr. Raynor is Simply The Best

“Dr. Raynor is simply the best! As an SMU student hundreds of miles from home, I wasn't sure where to go when I injured my knee playing volleyball. The issue was compounded by the fact that I had ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair in that same knee a few years prior. I was able to be seen by Dr. Raynor 3 days after the injury occurred. He listened to my questions and concerns and thoroughly examined my knee. He went through my X-ray with me, pointing out that my ACL graft looked healthy. After we got the MRI results back a few days later, he again walked me through all of the images and what he could see from it, all of which was very reassuring. While the injury ended up being minor, he recommended several physical therapists to see. I can't thank Dr. Raynor and his staff for being so comforting and really taking the time to get to know me and what orthopedic issues I was facing. I cannot recommend Dr. Raynor enough!”

  • MK