I am fortunate that my family was able to seek out the best, which led me to Dr. Raynor's office.

"I don't even have the words to properly credit Dr. Raynor and his wonderful staff to the extent it is deserved, but I will certainly try. Leading up to surgery, Dr. Raynor and Chrissy worked with me and my family to discuss the best avenue for surgery and recovery. Every single visit was on time and through the entirety of my meetings with Dr. Raynor I felt heard and considered; every question, no matter how trivial, was answered in depth. In scrubs, a white coat and cowboy boots, Raynor sat down and patiently listened to my ramblings on. He and Chrissy sat with me through my fear and anxiety about the procedure. On the day of surgery, I was cared for and respected by the staff. Upon waking up I experienced intense pain, which clearly concerned the nurses, as they stayed up through the night with me to get my discomfort under control. Krystal Plueger and Misty Paris were with me all night, checking up on me every few minutes. I also visited about 3 months following surgery and Misty recognized me and asked how I was doing which just blew my mind! I was also delightfully surprised that Dr. Raynor took the time before and after work to visit my recovery room, listening to and discussing any concerns or questions I or my family had. The depth to which Dr. Raynor and his staff went to, to ensure sure I was okay is absolutely incredible and, frankly, rare considering the fast paced atmosphere. The kindness and consideration carried over into my recovery as well. I had a difficult time with the pain following my procedure and it certainly didn't go unnoticed or unattended to by him and his staff. I probably called 30 times and never once felt like a burden to the team. As far as technique, Dr. Raynor's work was done meticulously and I haven't had any problems with the surgery. He is clearly a talented and knowledgable surgeon and doctor. Each pain and oddity I felt in my knee was met with immediate understanding and solution. I want to especially thank Chrissy for her attention to detail and the caring and honest nature in which she handled my case. She was my rock throughout and I feel so grateful and lucky to have worked with her. I did not take my injury lightly and am fortunate that my family was able to seek out the best, which led me to Dr. Raynor's office. There is no doubt in my mind that if I ever have another injury that I will promptly call Dr. Raynor. It's still spectacular to me how well the surgery went and how involved Dr. Raynor and Chrissy CHOSE to be throughout the entire process. Again, thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to live an active lifestyle again. I am forever grateful and certainly keen to recommend anyone to Texas Orthopaedics."

- KB